5 reasons why you should buy a home in the fall

As potential homebuyers often learn, there’s a right and a wrong time to purchase a new home. In fact, many agree that fall is the right season for shopping. It reveals problems within a home and the weather is just decent enough to get you a good deal. If you’re looking to invest, here are five reasons to wait for fall:

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1. Lower Prices

Spring is the accepted time to put homes up for sale, and as many homeowners strive to do just that, they also price their homes too high. Of course, as higher priced homes rarely sell, these same homeowners start to lower their prices throughout the summer and fall months. By mid-fall, you can expect some serious price drops.

2. Close At The End Of The Year

Many homeowners view their properties as an investment, and as the year draws to a close, everyone pushes to make a sale to close on or by December 31st. This allows homeowners to get a big tax break the following year.

3. Less Competition

Most people relocating for work will want to do so before the new school year starts. By the end of September, you will start to see your competition die down. This ultimately translates to better deals for you as you don’t need to contend with others and worry about a bidding war.For an example deal, check out home for sale in Sebastopol for more details.

4. Holidays Are Motivational

Most sellers find that having their homes listed is a disruption to their daily lives. When the holidays are fast approaching, sellers just want to unload their burdens and focus on the things that matter to them i.e. parties and events. A seller is more likely to be flexible during this time and accept a lower offer just to get the home off the market.

5. Harsh Weather Shows Off Flaws

How awful would it be to purchase a home that becomes an impending money pit? Nothing is worse than not knowing that there were undisclosed flaws within the property that you never even knew about. Fall months bring dreary weather that it will all help highlight any potential problems a property may have.

If it’s time to purchase a new home, fall is the season for it! You get better deals as motivated sellers clamber to unload their burdens. Take the time to enjoy shopping the market with little competition and a better potential for investment as homes better display their inherent flaws.

How To Release Wedding Planning Stress Using Yoga

When you are getting ready to get married, taking care of yourself might not be the first thing on your mind. Even though you want to look perfect, your health may be one of the many things that fall by the wayside. However, a bride who is calm and filled with inner peace is always going to look beautiful, and eliminating some of the stress that comes along with wedding planning can help you actually enjoy the day more. This is why many people choose to partake in a simple yoga practice to relieve some of the stress when they are preparing their wedding.

Many people think that yoga is something that you have to put a lot of time and effort into, working hard to become a master or it is all for nothing. But this simply isn’t true, when you start to learn about yoga, you learn that it is meant to compliment your lifestyle, giving you time to breathe, to reflect, to relax, and to be a better you. This means that when you are working on your practice, you are working towards better understanding of yourself, your personal stresses, and all of your needs. This comes in handy when you are planning a wedding as it allows you to step back and understand why things are upsetting you and gives you the ability to better formulate the words you use to explain your needs to those who are helping.

Another thing that yoga does it helps you take some time out of the day to focus on you. Not on a dress, on a cake, on where your mother in law will sit, or who likes salmon better than chicken, you. When you take time out to focus on yourself, you can remind yourself that the wedding is for you and the person you are marrying, that everyone else is coming to celebrate the two of you, not for themselves. This allows you to look at all of the plans with an objectivity that ensures the plans will be something you want in your life, not something that you think other people will want in their lives. California yoga retreats offer world class service which you can experience at a reasonable price.

Finally, taking the time out to practice yoga may help you master those pre-wedding nerves. Many people experience feelings of upset or worry leading up to their wedding, but taking time out to calm yourself, think on why your feelings are actually the way they are, and to experience yourself fully at peace may actually make it easier to stand before the altar on your big day. And what better gift is there to give your future spouse than a calm and collected reaction, allowing the love that they are sharing with you into your heart without any form of the impediment.

So if wedding planning is stressing you out, try and set aside a few minutes a day for a home yoga practice to really calm you and make everything easier on yourself and everyone around you.

Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Wedding Videographer

Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Wedding Videographer

Your wedding is a big part of your life, and one of the most important moments you’ll have.

To ensure it is captured in the best way possible, you have to get a videographer. If that is the goal, you will want to know the pros and cons of taking this route. Should you be going with a videographer or is it the wrong choice? Let’s take a look in this read.


1) Professional Finishing

You will be receiving a video that is professionally finished, and that is the most important requirement in the long-term. If the finishing isn’t as required, how are the results going to be worth one’s time? It won’t work out at all, and that is the last thing you want for your wedding.

A videographer will have the right equipment and editing software to do a good job with the finishing touches. For wedding videography Bay Area samples click the link.

2) Simpler

This is a simpler option because you can give it to a professional and let them take over. This is far easier than organizing it on your own or hoping to record the wedding through your equipment at home. It is far less risky to do it this way.

3) Proven

You always want to go with a proven option because you are going to see their work from the past. It removes all of the guesswork that comes with what you are going to do about the wedding video. You can look at previous samples and make a choice.

4) Organized

The final pro is knowing you are choosing an organized professional who has been through this before. They know what to expect and will have dealt with all sorts of issues in the past. They are not going to be fazed, and that is key for such an important event. For top professionals in wedding videographers bay area see the resources here.


1) Adds To Costs

2) Leaves Video In Hands Of Stranger

This isn’t a major con in recent times because the competition ensures professionals do a good job. However, it has to be mentioned in the list of cons as it is still a worry clients have.

As long as the right videographer is selected for the job at hand, it will not become a major issue, and things are going to work out as intended. This is the mindset required before hiring a quality videographer for the big day.

These are the pros and cons of going with a videographer for your wedding. Yes, this is a big decision and one that has to be made with a lot of care, but it is one that is going to yield good results. Those who are smart about their approach and go with the right solution will see good results that are worth their time.

Stay patient and find the right fit as that is going to ensure the wedding video is one that is worth looking at in the future.

This is the beauty of a world-class videographer and how well they work.